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Coronavirus Update

Please note that the Chief Dental Officer for Scotland has now ordered the complete closure of all dental practices in Scotland. This means that we must remain CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE and we will not be allowed to treat ANY patients, even emergencies. Please click here for full details and what to do if you have a Dental Emergency »

There are a lot of conditions that don’t require urgent attention. Here’s a list of common problems we see and what you can do to help:

Toothache: Regular painkillers if you need them. Good oral hygiene with a fluoride toothpaste and reducing your intake of sugary foods will help ensure any decay won’t get worse

Bleeding after Extractions: Apply pressure to the socket. Bite on a clean handkerchief or cloth – not tissue paper, for 30 minutes. If this doesn’t work call the practice. Pink saliva and a little bit of oozing from the socket is normal. Avoid hot drinks and alcohol. Don’t rinse your mouth for 24 hours.

Bleeding Gums: These will improve if can clean your teeth and gums effectively. Brush for 2 minutes especially at the gum line and don’t forget to clean between the teeth with floss or interdental brushes. Corosdyl mouthwash may help but prolonged use can cause staining.

Dentures Rubbing or Loose: Use of a denture adhesive, like Fixodent or Polygrip may help. Seabond denture pads may make the denture more comfortable and stable. If there is a sharp edge an emery board can be used to smooth down.

Lost Crown or Veneer: Toofypegs can be used to restick lost crowns or veneers at home. Good oral hygiene will help stop the tooth becoming decayed

Ulcers: Bonjela on the area that is painful before meals in particular. Take painkillers if necessary. Rinse with saltwater to prevent infection Use difflam mouthwash which you can get from the pharmacist.

Sensitive Teeth: Teeth can be sensitive to hot and cold foods/drinks due to receding gums, large fillings or decay. Toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help apply to the teeth and leave overnight after brushing. Avoid sugary and acidic foods and drinks which may make things worse.

Lost Filling/Broken Tooth: Emergency dental kits can be bought at the pharmacists to patch up tooth at home and are also available on Amazon. Take painkillers if required. Again good oral hygiene and low sugar intake will help. (Painkillers: Adults (Over 16) can take Paracetamol 1g (2x 500mg) 4 times daily. Children to follow the advice on the pack. If you are unsure what you can take, check with your pharmacist.

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As an established dental practice located in the heart of Troon, we are proud to have developed a reputation in our local community over the years for friendly, caring and high quality dental care that our patients can rely on and trust. Passionate about what we do, we aim to ensure that the children, teenagers and adults that we see each have the opportunity to benefit from healthy gums, fresh breath and a confident smile in an affordable, convenient and professional way.


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Central to everything we do here at Breeze Dental Clinic, your friendly dentist in Troon, is helping to ensure our patients enjoy a happy and healthy smile for life - we are therefore proud to provide personalised, caring and ethical dentistry for all of the family:

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